How social media is affecting female athletes

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Crowdsourced investigative journalism?

•April 6, 2010 • 1 Comment

A community of journalists with no affiliation except for each other who publish information from various sources (protected) that most mainstream media organizations will probably never even consider publishing.

Is this crowdsourced investigative journalism?

The future of the press release?

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The debate continues…

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An article on slate that looks at who makes a better candidate to be hired by companies looking for success in social media. Someone well versed in the tools of the trade or a traditional media person who can then be trained.

Happened a while back, however…

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…it’s still a good example of new media/citizen journalism in action during a major event.

To appease the recruiters

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A good article that summarizes the social media skills required by today’s journalism job seekers to possess in order to make themselves useful in today’s newsroom.

And now for something completely different…

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As far as the format for my blog is concerned that is. It has been suggested that I shake up the format of my blog a bit, so here goes. At the bottom is a video of a panel of journalists discussing how they use information from twitter (and if the video had been longer, maybe even other social media platforms as well) to get leads for their stories. Their experience with having to backtrack or finding a source that was completely on the money.